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Barbara Stopford

  • A-318
  • Personne

Barbara Stopford (nee Bould) was active in the Anglican Young Peoples Association (A.Y.P.A.) in the 1940's, serving on the Vancouver West Deanery Council and the B.C. Provincial Council. The A.Y.P.A. society was founded by Rev. Canon Brown in 1903. The purpose of the organization was to promote religious, social and intellectual welfare of the youth. The affairs of the association were administered by the Dominion Council represented by Provincial Councils in all provinces. The Provincial Councils worked in close relationship with parishes through actions initiated and fulfilled by various branches. The badge of the A.Y.P.A, worn by members, was in a shield shape with Chi Rho, the first two letters for the Christ's name in Greek, on its face. As an active member of the A.Y.P.A. at the provincial level, Barbara Stopford held the position of Promotion and Extension Convenor (1946-1948) and attended the local, provincial and Dominion conferences.

Jolley, The Rev. James Charles

  • A-211
  • Personne
  • 1909-1976

James Charles Jolley assumed the position of rector of St. Paul's Cathedral, Kamloops in 1950. In 1958 he was appointed Dean of Cariboo. He resigned from St. Paul's in 1970, retaining the title of Dean Emeritus until his death in 1976.

Leigh, The Rev. John

  • A-313
  • Personne
  • 1879-1965

The Reverend Canon John Leigh served as a priest in northern Ontario, from 1907 to 1920, and in the Diocese of New Westminster, from 1920 to 1964, with a brief stint at Kamloops in the Diocese of Cariboo, from 1922 to 1926. A passionate reader and researcher, he wrote detailed notes and comments on historical, theological or scientific books. Eager to acquire new skills, he taught himself Ancient Greek in order to read the New Testament in that language. He also had an extensive knowledge of the history of the Church from the early Christian times to the present days, as well as an interest in the history of archeology as a complimentary source illustrating the evolution of the Church in the Western world.

Sillitoe, Acton Windeyer, 1840-1894 fonds

  • A-316
  • Personne
  • 1840-1934

A. W. Sillitoe was the first Bishop of New Westminster (1879-1894). Born in 1840 at Sydney, Australia, educated at Cambridge, England, chaplain to the British legation at Darmstadt and tutor to the Princess Alice, A.W. Sillitoe was called in the prime of his life (at the age of 39) to organize the Anglican communities on the British Columbia Lower Mainland and the southern interior. His wife, Violet E. Sillitoe, assisted and accompanied him during hard journeys throughout the province and played a vital role for Christianity in the coast's pioneer days. Violet, beloved through the province, died in 1934, in Vancouver

Harton, Gladys

  • Personne

The AYPA operated at several levels: parish, region, diocese, province and dominion. Miss Harton worked with the St. Mark's branch of the AYPA, was a member of the Greater Vancouver Local council executive from 1934, held the position of chairman of the Vancouver West Deanery rally committee and was assistant editor of the councul bulletin. She remained a member of the council executive through 1946, representing St. Mark's and in 1947 was responsible for junior AYPA executive concerns. She was the provincial council secretary for a number of years and was elected president in 1941. The B.C. Provincial Council presented her with a life membership six years later. Involvement with the Provincial Council naturally led to interaction with the dominion council. She regularly attended conferences of both the dominion and provincial councils. Throughout the 1940's she was also in regular attendance at the Dominion Board of Religious Education's meetings, where she represented the AYPA and was elected secretary in 1944.

Business Administrator

  • A-289.44
  • Personne
  • 197?-

Before the existence of the Business Administrator, administrative duties were divided amongst the Diocesan committees, the Executive Archdeacon and the Registrar/Chancellor/Agent. Since that time, the position has been held by Nigel Snelgrove, XXXXX, Barry Foord, Mike Wellwood, and Robert Dickson.

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