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St. Thomas' Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-397
  • Instelling
  • 1912-

The parish of St. thomas was established in 1912 as a mission of St. Michael's parish, Vancouver. It became independent in 1914. The hall was built in 1922 and the parish became fully self-supporting in 1927. The cornerstone form the renovated church and new hall was laid in 1955 and the dedication occurred later in the same year. It was then consecrated by Bishop Gower in 1967.

St. Philip's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-396
  • Instelling
  • 1925-

St. Philip's Mission began as a small frame building on the site of Lord Kitchener School, with plans for the establishment of a parish in Vancouver's Dunbar neighbourhood in 1925. The first service was held in the same building in September of 1925, receiving the name of St. Philip's in October of 1926. A move was made to the old United Church premises on 21st Ave between Collingwood and Dunbar Street in November of 1926. The current Church hall was erected and dedicated in 1928-1929 and was later used as the church. The new church was built in 1941-1942 and dedicated in December of 1943. It was later consecrated in 1945. The parish grew substantially in the post-war years and under and enthusiastic superintendent, at one point they had what was believed to be one of the largest sunday schools in Canada.

Holy Cross Mission, Vancouver (B.C.)

  • A-395A
  • Instelling
  • 1905-

The history of Holy Cross Church dates back to 1903 when it started its mission to the Japanese community in Vancouver, B.C. In 1905, a mission called “Holy Cross” was established at 430 Cordova Street in Vancouver, B.C. In 1942 the Japanese communities of BC were forcibly relocated to internment camps in the interior of BC until 1946. During this time, the buildings of Holy Cross were sold by the Diocese of New Westminster. In 1955 another denomination gave a property located at 849 East 11th Avenue in Vancouver, B.C., to the Diocese of New Westminster, who in turn gave it to the Japanese community and is now Holy Cross Japanese-Canadian Anglican Church. In 1989 the Parish of St. Peter’s Anglican Church arranged with Holy Cross to transfer their property at 4580 Walden Street in Vancouver, B.C., along with their existing St. Peter’s Memorial Garden where it sits today. On 15 May 2010, at the 109th Synod of the Diocese of New Westminster, in the presence of 16 members of the Japanese Canadian Anglican Community, Bishop Michael Ingham offered a formal apology for the Diocesan sale of two Japanese Canadian churches during and after WWII.

St. Peter's Parish (Vancouver, B. C.)

  • A-395
  • Instelling
  • 1909-1989

The parish of St. Peter, Vancouver was begun in 1907 as St. Peter's Mission, Mountain View in South Vancouver. Later it was located at 285 East 13th Ave. The 3rd church building was built in 1969 and dedicated in 1970. With the closing of the parish in 1989, the parishioners joined the parish of Holy Cross which parish also continued the use of St. Peter's Church as their own.

St. Paul's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-394
  • Instelling
  • 1889-

The first Anglican service in what was to become the present-day Parish of St. Paul’s was held in 1889 in a mission room located on Seymour Street. Meanwhile, two lots were purchased from the Canadian Pacific Railway on Hornby Street where the Marriott Hotel now stands. A church was built and the first Eucharist in the parish was celebrated there on March 24, 1889. The parish included the downtown peninsula south of Nelson Street, and Fairview on the south side of False Creek. This proved unsatisfactory to parishioners living in Fairview and in 1898, they separated to form the Parish of Holy Trinity, which meant that the church was no longer at the geographical centre of the parish. At the same time, the West End was being developed as a residential district, while Yaletown was given over principally to industry. In 1898 the parish church was placed on skids and winched up Davie Street, then only a clearing in the bush. The building was placed on Jervis Street at the corner of Pendrell Street. The new location was presumably more convenient, but the 250 square-metre church was too small for the expanding membership. So in 1903, the building was moved again, this time to the adjoining lot on Jervis Street, leaving the original lot for a new building. (It was also re-aligned through 90 degrees.)

To build a new, permanent church, St Paul’s Church Building Company Ltd. was founded with a capital of $50,000. The architect William Archer proposed either a frame-and-stone building seating 420 worshippers at a price of $8,000 or a stone building seating some 550 worshippers at a price of $18,000. The former proposal was adopted. The style of the resulting church is classic Gothic with many beautiful stained glass windows, dark wood beams, and wainscoting. Archer’s plan included a tower with a tall spire at the north-west corner, but lack of funds prevented its construction.

Building commenced in 1904. In 1905, the cornerstone of the existing church was laid by the Bishop of New Westminster at that time, and the church was finished ready for use that same year. Now, fourteen years into its independent life, the parish was fully ready to play its role in the life of the West End. he new and old churches stood alongside each other. The old church was used as a church hall. Nothing of it now remains except the Bagnall Window, which was taken from the old church and set in the west wall of the new church. In 1976, the City of Vancouver designated the new church a heritage building. As such, it cannot be torn down and the integrity of its design cannot be altered.

St. Michael's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-393
  • Instelling
  • 1889-

St. Michael's was established in 1889, with services provided by the rector of St. James' Parish until 1896 when St. Michael's was separately established.

After two years (1887-1888) of holding services in a store on Main Street, a gift of land enabled a church building to be built at the junction of Price Edward St. and Westminster Rd. (now Kingsway) in Vancouver. The clergy of the parish of St. James, Vancouver conduction services until 1896, when the parish was established. In 1901, the building was remodeled and enlarged. For a brief time, ministry was shared jointly with St. Luke's, South Vancouver. The church building was moved on rollers to a new sit on East Broadway, and the first property sold in 1905. In 1908, the church was enlarged further, and in 1910 they helped establish the Mission church of St. Thomas, South Vancouver, which assumed full parish status in 1914. A new church building on the site at East Broadway and Guelph street was built in 1932, retaining the former church as a parish hall It had to be restored after a fire in 1944. In 1951 a rectory was built at 2475 Guelph Street. The church, when free of debt, was consecrated June 19, 1966.

St. Mary's Parish (South Hill, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-392
  • Instelling
  • 1910-

St. Mary's, South Hill was established in 1910 after being separated from St. Luke's Parish. The parish church's full name is Bishop Hills Memorial Church of St. Mary the Virgin. The first service were held on March 19, 1911. The new church was opened and consecrated as a memorial to the first bishop of B.C. on December 20, 1914, with a new nave built in 1924. The church was consecrated in 1952 with the dedication of a new hall following in 1955.

St. Mary's Parish (Kerrisdale, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-391
  • Instelling
  • 1911-

St. Mary's began as a mission of St. Augustine, Marpole. The parish held its first service in a tent at what is now 37th and Larch in August of 1911. It became self-supporting and separated from St. Augustine in 1912. The church was built and dedicated in 1913, with a rectory and hall following in 1920 and 1924, respectively. It was incorporated in 1914.

St. Mark's Parish (Kitsilano, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-390
  • Instelling
  • 1907-

St. Mark's Chapel began in Kitsilano on 1st Ave and Maple Street in August of 1907, as a mission of Holy Trinity Parish, Vancouver. The Rev. William Tuson of Sacramentio, California was given special license to be Priest-in-Charge. The building of the church was a semi-personal endeavor of the Rev. Tuson, and the original church consisted of the church upstairs and vestry/hall downstairs. The parish moved to Larch and 2nd avenue in 1909, and finally erected a parish hall at 2473 2nd Ave in 1913. The ground was broken for a new church in 1961 and the new church at 1805 Larch street was dedicated in April of 1963 and later consecrated in 1979.

St. Margaret's Parish (Cedar Cottage, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-389
  • Instelling
  • 1906-

St. Margaret's, Cedar Cottage was inaugurated as a mission in 1906 and was served from St. John the Divine, Central Park until it became an independent parish incorporated in 1909. In 1916 the parish was lost to a fire, after which services were held in the parish hall. The new church was opened in 1922. The new rectory and chapel were dedicated in 1933. the buildings were later restored and rededicated in 1957. The parish was once again destroyed in 1981 but continues its work.

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