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St. John's Parish (Shaughnessy, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-387
  • Corporate body
  • 1925-

Anglican ministry in Vancouver's Shaughnessy neighbourhood began at St. John's Hall on a lot adjacent to the See House at Granville and Nanton in 1926. The parish was incorporated in 1932 and put an addition on the parish hall in the same year. The first sod was broken for a church of St. John's as a permanent memorial to the Second World War fallen on November 15, 1948. The building was dedicated in May of 1949, and the new parish hall in 1956.

St. James' Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-386
  • Corporate body
  • 1881-

St. James' Church (Anglican) was the first permanent church established in what is now Vancouver.
It was originally built in May of 1881, west of Westminster Avenue (now Main Street) and north of Alexander Street. This building was destroyed in the fire of 1886, and a new church was constructed at Gore Avenue and Oppenheimer Street (now Cordova Street). St. Agatha's Chapel was added to the structure in 1887, and the church was further enlarged in 1900. This second church building was torn down in 1935 and was replaced by a new structure in 1936.
From its beginnings, the church was involved in many social service activties, such as service guilds, schools, and St. Luke's Home, one of Vancouver's first hospitals (later becoming a home for the elderly).

St. Helen's Parish (West Point Grey, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-385
  • Corporate body
  • 1912-

Anglican services began in West Point Grey by Archdeacon Pentreath in a home in July of 1910. The parish became organized as St. Helen's in August of 1912. The parish church was dedicated in 1950 and consecrated in 1953. The parish hall was later built and dedicated in December of 1964. On November 10, 1971, the parish sustained a fire and all records of service were destroyed. Consecration of the new church was held Easter Day of 1973.

St. George's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-384
  • Corporate body
  • 1908-

St. George's church began as Sunday School services in the house of Mr. W. T. Clarke in August of 1908, the congregation having been drawn from the vicinity of the Vancouver General Hospital. Weeknight services began in January of 1909. In 1910 the congregation moved into a hall on Bridge street and later to a hall on Broadway street in 1911. The formal opening and dedication of the church was held October 1, 1911 at Laurel St. and West 14th Ave. In 1996, the church building was secularized in preparation for the building of a rehabilitation facility, and a multi-purpose room in the new building used for Anglican worship on Sundays, with parish offices adjacent. Fro a few years, the parish was part of the "Jubilee Cluster" of parishes - sharing clergy and resources. A close relationship to chaplaincy ministry has been a dynamic of parish service, given its proximity to the city's largest hospital.

St. Faith's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-383
  • Corporate body
  • 1946-

Services began in St. Faith's Hall in 1946, with the first Vestry Meeting held October 23, 1947. Archdeacon Thompson was directly responsible for choosing the name of St. Faith and was used in reference to St. Faith churches in England and Brandon, Manitoba. It was originally a mission church of St. Augustine, Marpole. The cornerstone of the parish church was laid on December 10, 1954 by Lieutenant Governor of BC, the Honourable Colonel Clarence Wallace with Bishop Godfrey Gower. It was later dedicated Easter Day April 10, 1955 and consecrated in 1969.

St. Chad's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-382
  • Corporate body
  • 1946-

The Parish of St. Chad's Anglican Church of the Diocese of New Westminster was begun in 1946 in the Arbutus Ridge area of Vancouver and was incorporated on May 12, 1949. A church was opened in 1955. St. Chad's functions included providing parochial support to the Parish, providing a place for worship, and supporting community developments within the community at large. The Church formed from the existing parishes of St. Mary's, St. Phillips, St. Marks and Holy Trinity. The congregation originally met at a store-front at 16th avenue and Macdonald street and moved into their new parish premises in the summer of 1948. The Church's major functional bodies included the Vestry, the Board of Trustees and the Church Committee. The Vestry provided over-all direction for the Church through annual meetings. The Board of Trustees acted as the legal representatives of the Church. The Church Committee provided day-to-day administration of the Church's activities through monthly meetings. Other clubs, in turn, reported to these organizations. First priest-in-charge and rector was Reverend Norman John Southcott.

St. Augustine's Parish (Marpole, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-381
  • Corporate body
  • 1910-

The parish of St. George's, Eburne (now Marpole) was established in 1908 in connection with St. Luke's, South Vancouver. It was renamed St. Augustine's, Marpole in 1910 and a church was built the same year. It was paired with St. Mary's, Kerrisdale, from 1911 to 1912 and with St. Anne's, Steveston from 1914 to 1925.

St. Anselm's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-380
  • Corporate body
  • 1936-

A congregation was formed in 1936 called the Anglican Theological College Chapel and renamed the parish of St. Anselm in 1951. In 1971 the parish entered into a joint ministry with University Hill United Church, but continues to operate as a separate parish on the campus of the University of British Columbia.

Holy Trinity Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-379
  • Corporate body
  • 1899-

Since its beginning as a suburban church in 1899, Holy Trinity has grown with the Fairview neighbourhood of Vancouver from Pine to Hemlock. From 1912 to 1993, the church was located at 10th and Pine. Congregational growth in the late 1980s led to the decision to move into a larger facility. The historic (1911) Chalmers United site at 12th and Hemlock became Holy Trinity’s new home in 1994.

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