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All Saints' Parish (Agassiz, B.C.)

  • F-329
  • Corporate body
  • 1893-

Agassiz was included in the Fraser River Missionary District until 1892 when Agassiz, Yale and Hope were separated into a new parish. Agassiz remained connected with Yale and Hope until 1911 when it received a resident priest. During the 1930's and 1940's it was again associated with Yale and Hope. From 1963 to 1971, it was paired with St. Peter's, Rosedale. From 1971 to 1986, All Saints was part of Fraser-Cheam Parish, a team ministry parish. Since 1987 All Saints has constituted a single point parish.

All Saints' Parish (Burnaby, B.C.)

  • F-330
  • Corporate body
  • 1912-

All Saints, South Burnaby was initially within the parish boundaries of St. John, Central Park and began as the Alta Vista mission of that parish. Services were held in a store [1912] and then in a school and in private homes [1913]. The mission became a separate parish in 1913 and was named All Saints, Alta Vista by the Bishop, Adam de Pencier. The name was changed to "All Saints, South Burnaby" in 1950 and became "The Parish of All Saints, South Burnaby" when the parish was incorporated 1956. For many years, except for brief periods, the new parish was served by theological students, with the Rector of St. John, Central Park and other, often retired, clergy undertaking monthly sacramental duties. The first regular, long term rector began in 1932, and this pattern continues to the present. The first church building was erected on donated land, with the first service held in it in October, 1913. A church hall was completed in 1922 and a new larger church building in 1958 to serve the growing parish. The building was dedicated and the altar and sanctuary furnishings consecrated in October 1958. In 1967, the building debt was retired and the church was then consecrated by the Bishop. Further renovations have been made to parish buildings over the years to accommodate changing priorities. The parish continues to serve the south Burnaby area as it has done since 1912.

All Saints' Parish (Ladner, Delta, B.C.)

  • A-341
  • Corporate body
  • 1881-

Bishop A. W. Sillitoe, the first bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster, made his first "parish" visit upon arriving in his diocese, to the Fraser River settlement of Ladner's Landing, also known as Trennant. Impressed by the efforts of the people to meet him there, he offered to match funds raised by local Anglicans to build a church and pay a clergyman. As a result of the bishop's offer a Church Committee was formed: it met, with the bishop present on August 24, 1880. Land was donated and funds were raised and by 1881, a deacon, The Rev. William Bell, was appointed to serve Trennant, as the parish was initially named. At that time, the Trennant parish included all of Delta, Richmond and Surrey. Currently, the parish serves the Ladner area of Richmond. Mr. Bell served the parish until 1885. For the next eight years the parish was served by a number of Priests-in-charge , as well as two vicars. The parish shared an incumbant with St. David, Delta from 1953 to 1960. The first church building was completed by November 1881, a rectory was built a few years later, and a church hall was erected in 1923. As parish needs changed, parish building needs were reconsidered. A replacement rectory was completed and occupied in 1964 and a new church hall was built in 1978. An extensive fund-raising campaign was undertaken in the early 1980's to pay for needed renovations to the original, then 103 year old, building. The plan was to double the seating capacity while preserving the heritage value of the original building. The "old" building was moved 100 feet to allow for this. The first service in the reconstructed church was held on May 26, 1985.

All Saints' Parish (Mission, B.C.)

  • F-352a
  • Corporate body
  • 1901-

The parish of All Saints, Mission was formed in 1901, with first services held November 10, 1901. The church was consecrated April 20th, 1902. The first service was held in Mission Ciry with the view of forming a parish which would embrace Mission City, Hatzic, Matsqui, Abbotsford and Whonnock. Subsequently Abbotsford and all the territory south of the Fraser River was set apart as a new parish, and Whonnock and territory west of the river was set apart as a new parish. Each of these were originally stations of the Fraser River Mission. The parish experienced difficulties during the WWI years as many parishioners enlisted and were lost in the war. However throughout the depression years and WWII the parish grew. A new, larger curch was built, consecrated and dedicated in October of 1947.

All Saints' Parish (Shulus, B.C.)

  • A-236
  • Corporate body
  • 1917-

Originally served within the Lytton Indian Mission, Shulus had been separated into an independent Indian mission by 1920. From Shulus various other congregations and communities have been served. Currently, the parish includes St. Philip's, Canford; St. Catherine's, 14 Mile House; and St. Michael and All Angels', Spences Bridge. Previously, congregations at Pokhaist, Toketi, Cornwall and others have been included in the parish's ministry. Since 1986 Shulus and Merritt have been joined together as the Nicola Valley Pastoral Zone, a venture in a joint pastoral ministry in charge of one priest. It was later combined to become the Scw'exmx Anglican Parish.

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