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St. Bartholomew with St. Aidan, Roberts Creek Parish (Gibsons, B.C.)

  • A-343
  • Corporate body
  • 1927-

In 1987, The Parish of St. Aidan and St. Bartholomew, Gibsons was created, to minister to the area formerly served as the separate parishes of St. Bartholomew's, Gibsons and St. Aidan, Roberts Creek, both served from Gibsons. The new parish was formally incorporated under the name on May 31, 1993. Initially, services were held mainly in St. Bartholomew's and occasionally in St. Aidan's. The St. Aidan's church building was secularized in March 1991, after which all services were held in the St. Bartholomew building. St. Bartholomew's celebrated the 100th anniversary of their building in 1992. The original church is a framed cedar shingled building with a bell tower and several memorial stained glass windows. In 1988, a new, 2,6000 sq. ft. parish hall, containing a stage, meeting rooms, modern offices, a kitchen, storage and wash rooms was completed. This new building is connected to the original church building by a spacious common narthex. Proceeds from the sale of land at Highway 101 and Park Avenue helped to finance the hall project and provided additional funds for future building needs. The parish became self-supporting in 1992 and in 1993 undertook an ambitious programme to raise funds to enlarge their buildings to provide space for additional ministry initiatives. Part of this plan involved professional child care as a means of parish outreach into the community. The Nine-Three-Seven Childcare Society was registered to facilitate the development and on-going management of this programme. At the same time, the parish was also considering the best use of the property resources of the former St. Aidan's property in Roberts Creek.

St. Aidan's Church (Roberts Creek, B.C.)

  • A-343.02
  • Corporate body
  • 1935-1984

St. Aidan's was established in 1935 and the church built in 1936. The money for the church was provided by the Bishop of Whitby of the Diocese of Durham in northern England after Archbishop dePencier, preached in Durham Cathedral and spoke of the need for churches on the Sunshine Coast. In 19?? it joined with the Parish of St. Bartholomew, Gibsons. The bell of St. Aidan's was incorporated into the renovation of St. Bartholomew, Gibsons. The church was deconsecrated in 1992 and the building used as a local community hall.

Christ Church Parish (Hope, B.C.)

  • A-345
  • Corporate body
  • 1861-

Following the arrival of a missionary, the Rev. A.D. Pringle, subscribers were solicited to gather funds for a church in Hope. Bishop George Hills laid the Corner Stone on July 9, 1861; and the completed building was consecrated on November 1, 1861. The parish celebrated the 125th Anniversary of its completion in 1986. While not built by the Royal Engineers, The Engineers offered their expertise and influenced its interior design. In 1958 the church was in need of major repairs and the Royal Canadian Engineers' Trades training Squadron stepped in with help and advice. The flags of both the English and Canadian groups are displayed in the church. In 1955, the building was recognized as of national historic and architectural significance by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. This designation was commemorated with a plaque. Mr. Pringle returned to England in 1864, after which the parish was served from Yale (1884-1921 and 1948-1971), with the clergyman holding services at Hope initially on irregular basis. For several years (1921-1924), the parish was served by ministers from other parishes - St. Thomas, Chilliwack, St. John, Sardis - and faculty and students from the Anglican Theological College. It was part of the Fraser-Cheam Area Parish from 1971 - 1986, following which it has been served by part-time Priest-in-Charge.

St. George's Parish (Kingcome Inlet, B.C.)

  • A-346
  • Corporate body
  • 1915-

St. George's Church was consecrated in 1938. Prior to that, missionary activity began among the Kwagiutl at Kingcome Inlet, as early as the 1890's, in connection with the Church Missionary Society (C.M.S.) mission station at Alert Bay on Vancouver Island. By the late 1920's the missionary work at Kingcome had been transferred to the Columbia Coast Mission and the church was built at Kincome Inlet in 1938. In 1963 the Diocese of New Westminster assumed responsibility for Kingcome. Since 1963, the Diocese has ministered to the Kingcome church in a variety of ways. From 1963 to 1967, a full time Priest in Charge served the community, with a Columbia Coast Mission boat visiting every six weeks to offer medical services. The Mission also donated a boat, the M.V. 'Che Kwa La", to facilitate area ministry. A Church Army captain served as a Lay Evangelist from 1967 to 1969. A priest was appointed in June 1971 and served until September 1973. The parish has since been served from the Synod office, including visits from the bishop and various staff members to Kingcome. From March 1989 to October 1991 a priest from the Diocese of B.C., serving in Alert Bay ministered for one week a month in Kingcome. In 2012 oversight for Kingcome Inlet was transferred to the Diocese of British Columbia.

St. Dunstan's Parish (Aldergrove, Langley, B.C.)

  • A-349.01
  • Corporate body
  • 1911-

Services began in 1911 and a church opened in 1913 at Bradner, in connection with St. Matthew's, Abbotsford. The Bradner congregation had been transferred to the care of St. George's, Fort Langley by 1956 and in 1963 it was placed under St. Dunstan's, Aldergrove. The church closed in 1970.

St. Alban's Parish, Otter (Langley B.C.)

  • A-349.02
  • Corporate body
  • 1890-1963

A parish was organized ca. 1885 and St. Alban's Church opened in 1890 at Milner, as the first church in the parish of Langley, besides St. John the Divine, Derby which was active only for a short time beginning in 1859. A second church was opened at Fort Langley in 1901. With the establishment of St. Andrew's Church in Langley Prairie (now the city of Langley) in 1921, the parish centre shifted to that church. In 1926 St. Alban's Church was moved to its present location at Otter. St. Alban's continued to be associated with St. Andrew's, Langley until 1963 when it was included with St. Dunstan's, Aldergrove.

St. Margaret's Church (Bradner, Matsqui, B.C.)

  • A-349.03
  • Corporate body
  • 1911-1970

Services began in 1911 and a church opened in 1913 at Bradner, in connection with St. Matthew's, Abbotsford. The Bradner congregation had been transferred to the care of St. George's, Fort Langley by 1956 and in 1963 it was placed under St. Dunstan's, Aldergrove. The church closed in 1970.

St. George's Parish (Fort Langley, Langley, B.C.)

  • A-350
  • Corporate body
  • 1901-

St. George's Church opened in 1901 in Fort Langley as the second church in the parish of Langley; St. Alban's, Otter having been opened in 1890 at Milner. St. Andrew's Church opened in 1922 in Langley Prairie and came to be the centre of Langley parish. In 1954 St. George's, Fort Langley became a separate parish. St. Margaret's, Bradner and the Glen Valley congregation were also served from Fort Langley until about 1963. From 1973 to 1986, St. George's was part of Four Saints Parish, a team ministry parish. After the dissolution of the team ministry, St. George's was paired with St. Andrew's until 1987. Since 1987 St. George's has continued as a separate parish.

St. Andrew's Parish (Langley, B.C.)

  • A-350a
  • Corporate body
  • 1921-

Built in 1921, the original St. Andrew's Church was located at 20611 Fraser Highway in Langley, BC. It served the congregation and community well until March 4th, 1979, when it was destroyed by fire.

The new church is unique in that all of the inside doors of the church incorporate stain glass from the windows of the old church. The crown in the stained glass cross, the brass alter rails, and the stonework in the present church are all memorials originally placed in the old church. St. Andrew's Church was dedicated April 27, 1981.

Four Saints Parish (Langley, B.C.)

  • A-350b
  • Corporate body
  • 1973-1985

Four Saints existed as a parish from 1973 to December 31, 1985. Consolidated to form the new parish were St. Andrew's, Langley, St. George's, Fort Langley, St. Dunstan, Aldergrove, and St. Alban, Otter. The team parish was administered from St. Andrew, Langley, and employed three priests to serve the four congregations. A number of priests served as members of the team ministry over the life of the parish. In November 1985, a special vestry meeting was held at which parishioners decided to end the team ministry and form two new parishes: St. Dunstan and St. Alban, which would have two churches, one rectory and one clergy, and St. Andrew and St. George, which would include two churches, two rectories and two clergy.

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