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Holy Trinity Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-379
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  • 1899-

Since its beginning as a suburban church in 1899, Holy Trinity has grown with the Fairview neighbourhood of Vancouver from Pine to Hemlock. From 1912 to 1993, the church was located at 10th and Pine. Congregational growth in the late 1980s led to the decision to move into a larger facility. The historic (1911) Chalmers United site at 12th and Hemlock became Holy Trinity’s new home in 1994.

St. John's Parish (Shaughnessy, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-387
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  • 1925-

Anglican ministry in Vancouver's Shaughnessy neighbourhood began at St. John's Hall on a lot adjacent to the See House at Granville and Nanton in 1926. The parish was incorporated in 1932 and put an addition on the parish hall in the same year. The first sod was broken for a church of St. John's as a permanent memorial to the Second World War fallen on November 15, 1948. The building was dedicated in May of 1949, and the new parish hall in 1956.

St. Philip's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-396
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  • 1925-

St. Philip's Mission began as a small frame building on the site of Lord Kitchener School, with plans for the establishment of a parish in Vancouver's Dunbar neighbourhood in 1925. The first service was held in the same building in September of 1925, receiving the name of St. Philip's in October of 1926. A move was made to the old United Church premises on 21st Ave between Collingwood and Dunbar Street in November of 1926. The current Church hall was erected and dedicated in 1928-1929 and was later used as the church. The new church was built in 1941-1942 and dedicated in December of 1943. It was later consecrated in 1945. The parish grew substantially in the post-war years and under and enthusiastic superintendent, at one point they had what was believed to be one of the largest sunday schools in Canada.

St. Anselm's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-380
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  • 1936-

A congregation was formed in 1936 called the Anglican Theological College Chapel and renamed the parish of St. Anselm in 1951. In 1971 the parish entered into a joint ministry with University Hill United Church, but continues to operate as a separate parish on the campus of the University of British Columbia.

St. Helen's Parish (West Point Grey, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-385
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  • 1912-

Anglican services began in West Point Grey by Archdeacon Pentreath in a home in July of 1910. The parish became organized as St. Helen's in August of 1912. The parish church was dedicated in 1950 and consecrated in 1953. The parish hall was later built and dedicated in December of 1964. On November 10, 1971, the parish sustained a fire and all records of service were destroyed. Consecration of the new church was held Easter Day of 1973.

St. Faith's Parish (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-383
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  • 1946-

Services began in St. Faith's Hall in 1946, with the first Vestry Meeting held October 23, 1947. Archdeacon Thompson was directly responsible for choosing the name of St. Faith and was used in reference to St. Faith churches in England and Brandon, Manitoba. It was originally a mission church of St. Augustine, Marpole. The cornerstone of the parish church was laid on December 10, 1954 by Lieutenant Governor of BC, the Honourable Colonel Clarence Wallace with Bishop Godfrey Gower. It was later dedicated Easter Day April 10, 1955 and consecrated in 1969.

St. Augustine's Parish (Marpole, Vancouver, B.C.)

  • A-381
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  • 1910-

The parish of St. George's, Eburne (now Marpole) was established in 1908 in connection with St. Luke's, South Vancouver. It was renamed St. Augustine's, Marpole in 1910 and a church was built the same year. It was paired with St. Mary's, Kerrisdale, from 1911 to 1912 and with St. Anne's, Steveston from 1914 to 1925.

St. Alban's Parish (Brighouse, Richmond, B.C.) fonds

  • A-367
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  • 1925-

St. Alban's, Richmond was established in Brighouse, Richmond in 1925 as an outstation of the parish of St. Anne's, Steveston. Earlier parochial work had been conducted in the area, an area including the whole of Lulu Island, from St. Anne's, Steveston. Churches included St. Jerome's, opened in 1902 and closed in 1915, and St. Alban's, Eburne, which opened before 1900 and burned down in 1912. Later, St. Thomas' Mission was also opened in East Richmond in 1926 as an extension of the parish. This mission closed during the 1940's. St. Alban's remained associated with St. Anne's, Steveston until it received its own incumbent in 1953.

St. Edward's Parish (Bridgeport, Richmond, B.C.)

  • A-368
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  • 1952-2012

St. Edward's began as a mission of St. Anne, Steveston in 1952. The parish used a Panabode type L shaped hall for church services and parish activities. The buildings were dedicated October 19, 1952. The parish hall was extended in 1955. A parsonage was built adjacent to but not on the church property in 1960. The parish voted to request closure in April of 2012 and closed the same year.

All Saints' Parish (Ladner, Delta, B.C.)

  • A-341
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  • 1881-

Bishop A. W. Sillitoe, the first bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster, made his first "parish" visit upon arriving in his diocese, to the Fraser River settlement of Ladner's Landing, also known as Trennant. Impressed by the efforts of the people to meet him there, he offered to match funds raised by local Anglicans to build a church and pay a clergyman. As a result of the bishop's offer a Church Committee was formed: it met, with the bishop present on August 24, 1880. Land was donated and funds were raised and by 1881, a deacon, The Rev. William Bell, was appointed to serve Trennant, as the parish was initially named. At that time, the Trennant parish included all of Delta, Richmond and Surrey. Currently, the parish serves the Ladner area of Richmond. Mr. Bell served the parish until 1885. For the next eight years the parish was served by a number of Priests-in-charge , as well as two vicars. The parish shared an incumbant with St. David, Delta from 1953 to 1960. The first church building was completed by November 1881, a rectory was built a few years later, and a church hall was erected in 1923. As parish needs changed, parish building needs were reconsidered. A replacement rectory was completed and occupied in 1964 and a new church hall was built in 1978. An extensive fund-raising campaign was undertaken in the early 1980's to pay for needed renovations to the original, then 103 year old, building. The plan was to double the seating capacity while preserving the heritage value of the original building. The "old" building was moved 100 feet to allow for this. The first service in the reconstructed church was held on May 26, 1985.

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