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Anglican Provincial Synod of British Columbia and Yukon

  • A-1
  • Collectivité
  • 1914-

The organization of the Ecclesiastical Province of British Columbia, that had begun with a single diocese with only few parishes, was complete by 1914. Four Dioceses had been established with the prospect of a fifth. The body having the authority over the setting of the Dioceses, diocesan boundaries, and the election of the Metropolitan is the Provincial Synod. The Synod meets regularly every third year not being the year in which there is a regular meeting of General Synod. The time and place are to be decided by the Metropolitan in consultation with the Prolocutor. The reports of the meetings, as adopted starting with the first session (February 18th, 1914, Victoria, B.C.) are recorded in the Journal of the Proceedings of the Ecclesiastical Province of B.C. The matters discussed include the change of the existing boundaries of Dioceses, the appointment of various Committees, reports of these Committees, amendments and revisions to the Constitution and Canons of the Provincial Synod, matters relating to religious education in the church, financial reports, funding issues.

Sorrento Centre

  • A-10
  • Collectivité
  • 1964-

Steps toward the establishment of a provincial lay training centre began as early as the 1940's. In 1962 Provincial Synod approved the establishment of such a centre at Sorrento, B.C. In 1964 the Centre began operation. Initially called Sorrento Lay Training Centre, the name was changed in 1971 to Sorrento Centre for Human Development. Since 1982 it has simply been called Sorrento Centre. Sorrento is administered by a Board of Directors with representatives from the Ecclesiastical Province and the Dioceses of Cariboo, Kootenay and Calgary

Anglican Church Women - Diocese of Cariboo Board

  • A-199
  • Collectivité
  • 1931-1971

A diocesan branch of the Woman's Auxiliary (later Anglican Church Women) was formed in 1926. The Diocesan Board was dissolved in 1971.

Camp Puntchesakut (Quesnel, B.C.)

  • A-201
  • Collectivité
  • 1957-

Operated by the Diocese of Cariboo Camp Committee, Camp Puntchesakut was started in 1957 at Lake Puntchesakut, near Quesnel.

Cariboo Courier

  • A-202
  • Collectivité
  • 1950-1951

The Cariboo Courier was a diocesan newspaper started by Rev. John L. Clark, vicar at St. Alban, Ashcroft. The paper was short-lived, producing only one issue in 1951.

Cariboo Home Society (Kamloops, B.C.)

  • A-203
  • Collectivité
  • 1965-

Incorporated in 1965 following an initiative of the Diocesan Council for Social Service, the Society operates the Marion Hilliard Home, a home for unmarried mothers in Kamloops which was opened in 1967 and closed in 2003.

Marion Hillard Home

  • A-203a
  • Collectivité
  • 1967-2002

The Marion Hillard Home was a home for unmarried mothers in Kamloops, BC. it was opened in 1967 and operated by the Cariboo Home Society in the Diocese of Cariboo. The home closed in 2002.

Anglican Synod of the Diocese of Cariboo Archives

  • A-206/207
  • Collectivité
  • 1914-

The Anglican Synod of the Diocese of Cariboo began collecting its own records at the time that the Diocese was formed from the division of the Diocese of New Westminster in 1914. At that time, records pertaining to the newly formed Diocese of Cariboo were sent from the Registrar of the Diocese of New Westminster to that of the Diocese of Cariboo. The records were cared for by various diocesan officials. Bishop Jim Cruikshank later appointed Ms. Joan Newman to be Diocesan Archivist, and she remained archivist until the Diocese ceased its operations and the records were transferred to the Provincial Synod Archives in 2003.

Fraser River Deanery

  • A-216
  • Collectivité
  • 1929-1970

Two deaneries were formed at the inaugural Synod of the Diocese in 1914: the Rural Deanery of Kamloops and the Rural Deanery of Quesnel. These were reorganized and renamed by 1929; Quesnel became the Rural Deanery of Cariboo North. In 1934 the rural deaneries were replaced by archdeaconries; Cariboo North became the Archdeaconry of Prince George. By 1939 the rural deaneries were revived; the Fraser River Deanery was formed from the Archdeaconry of Prince George. In 1975 the two rural deaneries were replaced by three regions: Cariboo, South Rivers and Kamloops.

Kamloops Regional Deanery

  • A-217
  • Collectivité
  • 1975-

The Kamloops Regional Deanery was formed in 1975, and later became the Kamloops South Rivers REgion, encompassing Ashcroft, Barriere, Kamloops, Lillooet, Logan Lake, Lytton, Merritt, Scw'exmx, Monte Creek, and Savona.

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