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Hillary, The Rev. William

  • F-405
  • Persoon
  • 1911-2001

The Rev. George William Hillary was born June 28, 1911 in Hampsterly, Durham, England. After being educated as a child at Witton Park and the Choir School of Durham Cathedral, he received his theological education from St. Paul's College, Durham University (1932) as well as St. Chad's College in Regina Sask ( 1935). He was ordained deacon on Sunday, August 4, 1935 at St. Paul's pro-cathedral in Regina Sask by the 5th Bishop of Qu'Appelle, the Right Rev. Knowles. Hillary was the bishop's first oridnand. The Rev. Hillary was ordained to the priesthood April 19th, 1936 by same. He had an early introduction to music, as well as journalistic experience as a member of the editorial committee of The Anglican Church News - a forerunner to TOPIC, the newspaper of the Diocese of New Westminster. He began his priestly service in several parishes in the Diocese of Qu'Appelle in Saskatchewan from 1936-1954, before transferring to the Diocese of New Westminster. In the latter, he served as Incumbent of St. Thomas, Whalley (1954-1959), Rural Dean of New Westminster (1957-1958), Assistant Rector of Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver (1959-1960), Retor of St. Michael, Vancouver (1960-1976) until his retirement in 1976.

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