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St. George's Indian Residential School (Lytton, B.C.) fonds

  • Fondo
  • 1901-1902, 1910-1986.
  • Student records, correspondence, reports, legal records, financial records, parish registers (1922-1985), civil register (1922-1946, 1959-1979), service registers (1922-1986), women's organizations records, architectural record.
  • Student records include monthly and quarterly returns to Indian Affairs, admission application forms, student lists, student registers and files (includes photographs). Early correspondence and architectural plan (1901-1902) relates to building of the school. Parish registers include entries from St. Michael and All Angels, Spences Bridge and St. Barnabas, Lytton.
    Parish registers include: baptisms (1922-1985), confirmations (1922-1971), marriages (1922-1980), burials (1937?-1938, 1970- 1981).

St. George's Indian Residential School (Lytton, B.C.) fonds

Lytton Indian Mission (Lytton, B.C.) fonds

  • AADC F-225
  • Fondo
  • 1867-1981

Fonds consists of:
Parish registers, banns register (1897-1919), civil registers (1920-1981), burial register (1909-1964), service registers (1887-1981), vestry records (1896-1927, 1952-1953).
Includes Indian and some white records (up to 1934) from numerous Indian villages and white settlements which comprised the Mission's field of activity, including Ashcroft; Boothroyd; Boston Bar; Cameron Bar; Cisco; Drynoch; Foster Bar; Hope, Christ Church; Inkahtsaph; Kanaka Bar; Lillooet, St. Mary the Virgin; Lytton, St. Bartholomew's Hospital; Lytton, St. George's School; Nicola, St. John the Baptist; Nicomen; N'kamoose; North Bend; Nyshakup, St. Augustine; Pokhaist; Shulus, All Saints; Spences Bridge, St. Michael and All Angels; Spintlum Flat; Spuzzum, Christ Church; Staiyn, St. David; Yale, St. John. Also includes diaries of Archdeacon Richard Small (1886-1906) and photocopies of correspondence of Rev. J. B. Good with the Indian Branch of the Department of the Interior (1874-1879).

Parish registers include: Box I, vol. 1: list of villages, chiefs, watchmen and population ([n.d.], 1876), catechumens, (1867-1868, 1873-1877), candidates for baptism (1877-1880), candidates for confirmation ([n.d.]), baptisms (1868-1883), confirmations (1872-1877, 1881), communicants' register (1872- 1876?), marriages (1874, 1879-1883), discipline (1873-1874), burials (1874, 1879), services (1873-1876). Box I, vol. 2: baptisms (1883-1893), confirmations (1885-1894), marriages (1883-1893), burials (1885-1907). Box I, vol. 3: baptisms (1893-1937), confirmations (1895-1936), marriages (1893-1942). Box II, vol. 4: baptisms (1937-1980), confirmations (1937-1977).

Lytton Indian Mission (Lytton, B.C.)

Richard Small fonds

  • Fondo
  • 1903-1909, 1915
  • Fonds consists of a journal.
  • Includes baptisms, confirmations, marriages, services and other activities relating to Indian missions in Lytton area. Also includes later entries by Archdeacon E. W. Pugh.

Richard Small fonds

St. Barnabas' Parish (Lytton, B.C.) fonds.

  • AADC F-226
  • Fondo
  • 1867-

Parish registers, marriage register (1869-1872, 1895-1933), civil registers (1920-1975), burial register (1935-1978), service registers (1885-1980), vestry and parish council records (1896-1957), financial records, women's organizations records, correspondence, reports, notes, manuscripts, printed material.
Separate series of registers and minutes were kept for whites and Indians while part of same mission, although does include some Indian records. Includes Anderson Creek; Ashcroft; Basque; Big Bar Creek; Black Canyon; Boston Bar, St. Peter; Canford; Chaumox; Clinton; Dog Creek; Donald, St. Peter; Field; Foster Bar; Gladwin; Golden; Granite Creek; Halfway House; Keefers; Lillooet, St. Mary the Virgin; Minnie Lake; Nicola; Nineteen Mile Creek; North Bend, St. Michael and All Angels; Pavilion; Quesnel; Soda Creek; Spences Bridge; Stanley; Watson Bar.

St. Barnabas' Parish (Lytton, B.C.)

Theodore F.W. de Pencier fonds

  • Fondo
  • 1910 - ca. 1912, 1926-1934

Fonds consists of photographs with subjects primarily relating to buildings, scenes, persons and activities at the Lytton Indian Mission.

Theodore F.W. de Pencier fonds